Absorbers and Chambers Made to Last

Advanced Electromagnetics Inc (AEMI) and Rainford EMC Systems (REMC) join forces to create the new brand MVG-EMC

MVG-EMC is now your One Stop Shop for the best in Anechoic Chambers and Absorbing materials for antenna and EMC Testing and RF and EMP shielding. Our knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience ensures you of high quality and durability in our products and expertise from our team. In line with the MVG group ideology, we embrace innovation and see it as the stepping stone to the future, both for us and for our customers.

Optimize solutions for electromagnetic compatibility and immunity testing.


Create the adequate quiet zone for antenna measurement.


Shelter sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic fields.


A wide range of anechoic materials to fit your specific applications.


A wide range of shielded door systems: single, double, sliding... and more.


A large selection of accessories to complete your chamber.



Innovation is the driving force behind MVG. The combined strengths of AEMI and REMC reinforce this progressive mindset as we aim to develop state-of-the-art equipment and support our customers in their development of future technologies.


Both AEMI and REMC are certified ISO 9001:2008 companies.
This quality management system ensures that:

  • Our processes are focused on consistency and continuous improvement.
  • Our products are designed to meet our customers' needs.